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Thanks for checking out this American Car Cruising Flash Briefing. We look forward to providing the latest insights and news for popular American cars. We will be covering the Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, Charger, and the GTO to name a few.

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Feb 15, 2019

Episode 81: The widow, owner of the 1964 referenced in this post, had asked her son-in-law to help her find a buyer for the '64 Corvette. With Derek's uncle (the original owner, Barry Glushyn) having worked on a 1963 Corvette knew Werner Meier, owner of Masterworks. Masterworks tackles different makes, but has worked on over 1,000 Corvettes. Ultimately, Warner Meier purchased the Corvette with the thought that one client who had previously expressed interest in buying a "styling" Corvette might be interested in having Werner build a 'styling' Corvette for them.


American Car Cruising presents daily Flash Briefing episodes as part of our effort to broaden our focus with this series on popular American made cars. These Flash Briefings will present insights and highlights on some of the latest models throughout the history of the popular American models. Highlights will include the latest insights, articles and news briefs on past, current, and new models that have all the buzz.

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